November 18, 2018

About Us


Our Approach

Our vision is to unlock the potential of the human mind for the betterment of humanity. We do this by building, and helping you build, software that combines human brain signals and artificial intelligence. Our software can help you speed up the training of AI to quickly identify the information you need to improve human decision making.

Our Story

Humainity was founded in 2018. The founding members met when a group of school students wanted to learn whether drone, brain computer interface and artificial intelligence could help keep their town safe from bushfires. We believe it can! All are inspired by the possibility of new technologies being applied to problems that can't easily be solved by humans alone. We seek to simultaneously combine human and machine knowledge to improve outcomes for humanity.

Meet the Team

Our team came together inspired by the possibilities of new technology. Our passion is to build technology that has people at its heart.

Caitlin Cropped

Caitlin Ruddock


Caitlin is a passionate leader and connector.  She loves bringing people and organisations together to achieve common goals and has held senior leadership positions in global companies and the university sector.  To her Humainify is about using emerging tech to tackle societal problems.

Nikesh Lalchandani Photo

Nikesh Lalchandani


Nikesh's first startup was in Biomedical engineering and he has gone on to implement Emerging Technology in Australia's largest enterprises. Humainify for him is a chance to explore human creativity in a technology hevy world.


Eryk Korfel


Eryk is a change agent. With over 10 years experience helping corporates innovate, he is passionate about helping people discover the benefits of BCI technology.


Eddy Ku


Eddy is passionate about Human Centred Design and leveraging the wisdom and creativity of a collective to create purposeful Innovations to meet real customer needs.

Next Steps...

Please contact us if you wish to explore whether our technology could help your organisation.